Grammar school continues to reinforce the important academic and social skills emphasized in the primary school:


· quality written work completed in a timely manner

· legible penmanship and accurate spelling

· speed and accuracy in arithmetic

· reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition

· memorization of poetry and Scripture

· appropriate classroom behavior

· discipline and self-control

· good manners and respect for adults and classmates


Students learn from well-designed materials, high quality content, and teacher-directed lessons. Classrooms are quiet, disciplined, and orderly, with minimal visual distractions. Students are motivated to work and learn because they are led by knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers. Students work hard and are rewarded with breaks for physical exercise, music, drawing, art, and review games. Students in grades 3-6 are carefully prepared for the reading of classic literature and history, and for advanced math and science, which begin in the Upper School in grade 7.

Students memorize the complete Latin grammar and a Latin vocabulary of about 800 words. Latina Christiana in 3rd grade provides a great introduction to Latin and to the Form Series that follows.